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The image-stabilized Fujinon 12x40 S1240D Stabiscope Binoculars use gyroscopic stabilization to counteract any movements applied to the binoculars, whether from shaky hands or speeding watercraft. Unlike other stabilizers, the Stabiscope's ±5° of compensation will work with the optics aimed along any axis. A user can aim the Stabiscope straight up or down, at the zenith or nadir, and still enjoy stable viewing, making the Stabiscope the most sensible choice for law enforcement use from a helicopter.

The Stabiscope binoculars are compatible with multiple power sources. They can be powered with 12-32 VDC electrical systems found on most land, sea, and air vehicles, as well as four AA batteries or a single 2CR5 battery.

The Stabiscope binoculars are designed for either left- or right-hand use, and optional accessories include polarizing filters and eyecups.



A 100% waterproof and fogproof stabilized binoculars

±5 degree all-direction motion compensation

Stabilization works with binoculars pointed in any direction, including straight up or down

Phase-coated BAK4 roof prisms

Full Fujinon EBC multi-coatings on all optical surfaces

Accepts optional haze eyepiece filters

Designed for either left- or right-hand use

Rubber-armored housing

60-70mm interpupillary adjustment range

±5 dioptric correction

Adaptable to DC power sources, as well as AA or 2CR5 batteries

Peel-down-type eyecups