Gloryfy G2 Cuba Libre

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Lenses in sunglasses: I-Flex® BALANCE lens brown F2: Creates a feeling of wellbeing  and guarantees a pleasant wearing sensation.

Whether you are playing volleyball or sipping a Mojito on a sun lounger the revolutionary gloryfy G2 cuba libre has a soft-touch design with brown, semi-transparent frames, contrasting beige arms on the inside and a large metal logo – offer optimum protection with their charcoal lenses in every situation.

  • unbreakable frame (G-Flex®)
  • 100% optical quality
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection up to 400 nm
  • perfect wearing comfort
  • lighter than current synthetic materials
  • highly elastic even under extreme of temperatures
  • Power Contrast due to mass-tinted lenses for contrast-rich and colour-fast vision
  • Memory Effect – the frame and lenses always return to their original shape
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Made in Austria / EU Patent
  • matt coated frame
  • the base 9 frame guarantees optimised closure of the glasses
  • Anti-scratch coated unbreakable lenses
  • QCLS (quick change lens system)
  • also available with optical correction (get more information at your optician)
  • Blueblocker
  • I-Flex® BALANCE lens brown F2: Creates a feeling of well being  and guarantees a pleasant wearing sensation.