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GPS Transceiver with an Integrated UHF Radio

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Using sophisticated GPS and UHF Technology the GPS205 enables you to send, receive and navigate your position to a friend, communicate up to 6 kilometres and even provide a high level of nationwide protection for your loved ones and your licence.

Key Features

  • Send, Receive and Navigate your Position with GPS Caller ID:
    - Compass guidance to Caller
    - Distance and Time to reach Caller
  • 20 Caller ID Memories
  • City/Suburb Navigation:
    - Compass Guidance to City or Suburb
    - Distance and Time to reach City or Suburb
  • User Marked Location Navigation:
    - Compass Guidance to User Marked Location
    - Distance and Time to User marked Location
  • Flash Memory for Software Updates and Upgrades
  • Latitude/Longitude/Altitude Display
  • 500 User Marked Locations with Alpha Tag

UHF CB Transceiver Features

  • 40 UHF Channels
  • 1 Watt Maximum TX Output Power
  • D+ Booster: Precision matched antennas deliver superior range compared to standard UHF systems
  • Range Extender (Duplex) Capability
  • VOX Hands Free Capable
  • CTCSS- Interference Eliminator
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Auto Squelch with Monitor Mode
  • Splashproof, Roger Beep, Monitor, Keypad Lock

Early Warning Safety System - Nationwide Coverage (Australia / New Zealand)

  • Protect your Loved Ones and Your Licence
  • 2 Stage Visual and Audible Warning System to Maximise Safety
  • Fixed Speed Camera Warning
  • Red Light Camera Warning
  • Black Spot Warning
  • Over Speed Alert

Trip Computer

  • Display Current Speed
  • Determine Average Trip Speed
  • Record Maximum Speed
  • Calculate Estimated Time to Reach Destination
  • Built-in Compass and GPS Co-ordinates

Additional Features

  • *Range: 6+kms Typical Range in kms (line of sight)
  • Operating Time: 7hrs
  • Batteries: 4xAAA Alkaline Batteries (not included)

*Range may vary depending on environmental and/or topographical conditions