Glass Fibre Composite Steering Wheel 800mm

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The performance of a carbon fibre race wheel at a fraction of the cost.

This GFC (Glass Fibre Composite) wheel is manufactured in a similar process to Carbonautica's Carbon wheels. The anodised aluminium hub is integrated in the mould to streamline manufacture and increase strength.

Uniquely the wheel is made of glass fibre composite with an aluminium hub so is a similar overall weight to the carbon version. Best of all, it is a third of the price.

We've had the pleasure of helming a twin-wheel configuration on a new Bavaria 41S which utilised these Carbonautica wheels and were impressed with the responsiveness from the reduced weight and direct feel due to increased stiffness over hub and spoke configurations. The finish is smooth underhand while still retaining grip and very low maintenance / easy to clean. 

Custom wheel sizes and patterns are available on request.

Please note: Production time can take up to 5 weeks. We will contact you with details when purchased.