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The 'Grinder' 4-Speed Winch

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*Please Note, we are awaiting new stock on Pontos winches, please pre-order or contact us for delivery dates and application.

Perhaps the most effective upgrade to the deck hardware on any yacht and now available in Australia. 

PONTOS winches are a revolutionary automatic 4-speed manual winch, manufactured in Italy. 

It's as if someone hit the "Fast-forward" Button!

6 Times faster than other winches!


The basic structure of a winch implies a compromise between the leverage effect obtained (power) and the speed of the rotation of the drum (line recovery).  With the introduction of our patented 4 speed technology there is no longer any need to compromise.  If putting 16kg of effort into the winch handle doesn't bother you then go for the the GRINDER and take advantage of the first and second ultra fast gears. After achieving a stunning line recovery of 70cms for each turn of the winch handle in first gear move seamlessly through second up to third and fourth gears which are equivalent to the two gears of standard 2 speed winch to complete the maneuver.

In addition, because the GRINDER is designed to sheet-in the slack you can engage your line in the self tailer before starting your grind.

With the GRINDER you'll be a step ahead of the competition.

Find technical data here.

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