UML Seaflash Lifejacket Light (Includes Bracket)

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The UML life jacket light is an bright LED flashing life jacket light, which activates automatically when the small sensor at the end of the trailing wire makes contact with water. The UML light can be activated manually (both on and off), when the water sensor is in the water by simply pressing the red button on the main body of the unit.

Includes: Seaflash Bracket - Attachment Via Oral Inflation Tube. Attachment for UML light, fits neatly over the oral inflation tube on the inflatable PFD.


  • Weighs 32g (including clip)
  • Dimensions: Main body: 45 x 19 x 31 mm Clip: 51 x 9.8 mm
  • Water-activation automatically on / manual off / manual on
  • Fire-resistant, oil-resistant, mould-proof, corrosion-proof, water-proof