It’s 1979 and Pink Floyd have released The Wall, the Voyager probe has let us see Jupiter and its rings for the first time. And in Genoa, Slam has found its essentialness, the sea in its veins, its origin evoking their labors with a dash of salt.

The SLAM journey began in Genoa Italy in 1979 when a group of passionate young yachtsmen decided to create and produce technical sailing gear which was capable of making the life of yachtsmen and women more comfortable.

The first product produced in 1980 was the Mickey Bear Jacket. This was an innovative, thermal, water repellent, pile jacket – a revolution as only wool and cotton has been used until then.

SLAM’s commitment to their initial objective has created a programme of continuous research, development and testing of products to guarantee their technical qualities and means that the SLAM brand of clothing is chosen by many of the greatest sailors in the world.

For over 40 years SLAM has operated worldwide and you will see the SLAM flag flying high at many prestigious sailing events, SLAM technical kit worn by competitive sailors in winning teams in the most extreme of conditions and SLAM lifestyle gear in marinas around the world.


SLAM is committed to ensuring the brand is available for everyone with a passion for the sea and those who seek a nautically inspired sportswear collection.

SLAM Crew Collection ensures continuity of designs, colours and complementary styles for men and women for Superyacht Crews, Corporate Events and Sailing Teams.

SLAM Lifestyle collections are updated seasonally in Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer to ensure the brand is on trend whatever the occasion.

Available in Australia/New Zealand from Acme Imagewear..

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