About Us

Ross & Whitcroft has been formed to pass on years of boating experience to help you find the best products for your boat. 

We're self-confessed boat nuts. Whether it's racing or cruising, sail or power - we enjoy any time spent on the water - and as a result we've been hunting for the best gear to make our experience as good as possible. We know boats, and we know what gear is essential for your safety and on-water enjoyment. Whether it's the best PLB or a better boat fender - we've got it here. 

Our Mission is to be the easiest, most experienced and best value supplier of boating-related products and services. We want to constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards of service.

We are committed to providing excellence in customer experience - we recognise the power of a positive experience.

We will work to conserve marine resources, reduce our impact on the environment, and promote boating.

Ross & Whitcroft is managed under Two Farr Trust, ABN: 65 821 554 227