When one invests in a decent pair of shoes, it is a great idea to look after them, and they will receive a long trouble free life.  Christophe suggested:

Firstly, to look after your Auguins, it is a good idea to take them off without damaging them - undo the laces properly before taking your feet out, otherwise after repeatedly not untying the laces, you run a big chance that the interior leather sole starts to curl up and it will not be as comfortable as before.

Secondly, the best way to clean, maintain and keep our Auguins shipshape (according to Christophe) is to:

  • Wet the leather with a wet sponge, then apply a bit of wool wash or gentle cleaner on the sponge and give all the outside leather a good wash with the sponge, especially the dirtiest spots.
  • Clean the sponge with fresh water and wipe the foam of the leather, do this a few times until there is no more soap on the leather.
  • Do not put your Auguins in the sun, let them dry in a well ventilated shady place, otherwise the leather gets hard.

Doing the above two things, will give you more mileage from your Auguins.  

As the Australian sun is very harsh, please keep in mind that the leather over time fades, but this also gives your Auguins that mediterranean look that is mostly appreciated.

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