Extend your limits: Musto provides five National Sailing Teams with the inside edge

Extend your limits: Musto provides five National Sailing Teams with the inside edge

Musto's captivating new film, Extend Your Limits, explores the psychology of dedicated dinghy athletes on their journey towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The film release accompanies the news that Musto will be supporting a remarkable total of five national sailing teams at the Tokyo Olympics: Britain, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Holland. Shot on the Bay of Palma, the video features gold medal hopefuls and Musto ambassadors Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell as well as Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz to name but a few.

There are some challenges on the road ahead. Just as there were on the road we've left behind us, for that matter," Dylan Fletcher comments. Mental blocks can be as big, bigger even, than the physical ones, and they're usually harder to overcome. But human will is a pretty awe-inspiring thing.

Musto's Dinghy Collection, featured on the athletes throughout, shows just how far innovative kit and cutting-edge design can also go in helping push an athlete towards the finish line- and potentially towards Olympic gold. The benefits of seams that have been placed to match the contours of the body and the exceptional stretch of Musto's eco-conscious, petrochemical-free neoprene wetsuits can be seen in almost every frame. When we're comfortable, we're better able to focus on our performance, Annemiek Bekkering comments. And in Musto gear, we're always so comfortable.

The neoprene that they use to make the wetsuits is around 15-20% lighter, and I can definitely feel the difference when I'm maneuvering around the boat. And because the collection has been designed for the latest and fastest boats, many pieces also feature impact protection - from experience, I can tell you that the D3O® pocket facilities come in pretty handy! They harden upon impact and take the blow so I can feel safer while we're pushing the boat hard'.

Musto's focus was firm when it came to providing its most dynamic collection yet. As Extend Your Limits made clear, the line was created to give dinghy athletes everything they need, from practice to training to competing.

Musto's Flexlite Collection physically encapsulates this focus. A firm favourite of the British Sailing Team, the most successful Olympic sailing nation. Constructed from super-stretch neoprene, Flexlite garments deliver a remarkably unrestricted spectrum of motion. Unique to Musto, Flexlite wetsuits also feature a 4-layer construction, with alumin thermal rebound. This ensures prolonged heat retention in the coldest waters.

It really is a unique collection," Stuart Bithell finishes by saying. You know all about the mental preparation and the physical endurance you have to go through to be the best, but you don't realise just how much of a difference your kit makes until you're wearing it and you're absolutely going for it. It's a pretty special feeling, and for those sailors out there who have struggled with finding the right pieces for the right conditions and their activity, perhaps their search is over.

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