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How to choose the best sailing jacket

How to choose the best sailing jacket

Buying the right sailing jacket is essential to keep you dry and comfortable for the most difficult weather conditions on a sailing day. What you will find here are the 3 main things you need to consider when you are shopping for a new jacket. We’ve also selected the top sailing jackets and sailing spray jackets that you can find on Ross & Whitecroft products catalogue.

First - Keep the purpose in mind.

Jackets are designed to keep you dry when you are sailing. You will find the best brands to use the best technology. Not only protecting you from the wind and water, but you will also have ‘breathable’ gear. This combination gives you protection and comfort.

The products are generally designed for a specific purpose: Coastal, Offshore or Ocean. The jackets features are designed to suit each condition, and you should keep your eyes on performance and quality offered for each product and brand.

Second - Useful features.

Zip, velcro, elastic and fabric colour all contribute to your jackets features. Products are designed with light reflection patches, fold-away hoods, dry pockets and more to make your day comfortable, safe and dry —keep this in mind when you are comparing products.

On the Ross & Whitcroft online store, we always highlight the main features in the product description to make your decision easy, fast and accurate.

Third - Style

The fashion world is one of the most competitive markets and it’s no different for sailing gear. Nowadays, with the achieved technology and competitive market, these brands don't neglect the style of their products either. You will find the top brands are all about the technology and quality of their products, although style plays a major role too.

Analysing these elements, I’m sure you will find the best option for you, and to give you a hand let me show you the 3 best jackets for sailing you can buy on Ross & Whitcroft:



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