Duncan Curnow (left), Enrico Chieffi (middle) & Tony Liddy (right) at SLAM® HQ in Genoa, Italy.

SLAM® Unveils New Dream Team!

Our owners, Tony Liddy & Duncan Curnow recently caught up with Enrico Chieffi, SLAM® CEO and former Olympic sailing champion at the SLAM® HQ in Genoa, Italy.

One of leading brands in the marine industry, SLAM® was born in 1979 by a group of friends who were passionate about sailing and decided to develop a line of cutting-edge products to significantly increase the comfort and performance of sailors.

Recently SLAM® unveiled the future of their company by introducing the Slam Dream Team and a new contemporary reinterpretation of their well-known logo. With the ambitious goal of representing the excellence of sailing clothing in the world, the SLAM® Dream Team was born, comprising almost exclusively of gold medallists and world champions. This real "team" is committed to ensuring the best possible experience for anyone who chooses one of our garments, technical or sportswear. Athletes and sailing champions of all ages have been chosen as real partners in a path of comparison, research and innovation on SLAM® technical clothing. They will be the ones to test the garments to make sure they meet the high standards set.

Today, SLAM® is a company specialising in technologically advanced sportswear capable of increasing athletic performance, making SLAM® the technical clothing line favoured by some of the best athletes, yacht clubs and events.

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